The pkginfo module

Meta-information about the quickly package.

This information is used by the install script.

The version and version_string are also available in the global quickly module space.

class Version(major, minor, patch)

Bases: tuple


Alias for field number 0


Alias for field number 1


Alias for field number 2

name = 'quickly'

name of the package

version = Version(major=0, minor=7, patch=0)

the current version

version_string = '0.7.0'

the current version as a string

description = 'Tool and library for manipulating LilyPond files'

short description

long_description = 'The quickly package provides a Python library and a commandline tool that can be used to parse and manipulate LilyPond source files.'

long description

maintainer = 'Wilbert Berendsen'

maintainer name

maintainer_email = ''

maintainer email

url = ''


license = 'GPL v3'


copyright_year = '2020-2023'

copyright year